In what manner was the PR industry affected by the recession?

When the recession hit global economies, two distinct school of thoughts
‘predicted’ its effect on the PR industry. One clearly said that the PR
industry would be badly hit owing to its ‘add on’ nature, whereas the other
said that it would gain because of shifting of advertising budgets to PR.
What’s your view and experience on this, now that things seem to be looking

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In what manner was the PR industry affected by the recession?

   – PR industry was badly hit owing to its ‘add on’ nature
   –  PR industry gained because of shifting advertising budgets to PR
   – PR industry was unaffected




Writing skills — How important is it for PR practitioners in India?


Emanating from a recent debate on this forum, I have a question for the

Considering that English is not our primary language (at least for most of
us), how important is written communication skills in a PR career? To what
extent can we do without written English skills?

Personally, I’ve seen terrific speakers of English being equally terrible in
writing, and vice versa.

So share your views and experiences, but more importantly, give inputs on
how the situation can be improved.


Aarif Malik