Club Communicators Facebook Vs Google: PR How Far

With Facebook admitting that it hired PR services to target Google the controversy over using PR tools rages all over again. According to The Guardian, London, Burson-Marsteller’s former UK chairman has described the smear tactics employed against Google as “furtive and creepy” and the PR executives involved in the campaign were “shadowy, backstreet spin merchants”.

My questions to forum are:
1. How far can PR processionals go in promoting their clients’ interests?
2. Is it right and professional to disrobe the clients’ opposition?
3. Do we need a code of conduct for ethical PR practices?
4. Can PR professionals let themselves to be used as hired guns?
5. Moreover, is it  not the responsibility of media professionals as well to check as to what they doing or writing by falling prey to certain negative ideas and disinformation or misinformation tactics being employed by PR professionals
How far – let us debate even at the risk of inviting ire from some.
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