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A New Book on PR Launched


Practice what you preachA seasoned PR practitioner, lecturer and a blogger – Vikram Kharvi, launched his first book focusing on the world of Public Relations industry and shares an insider’s account about the changing face of public relations. Published by Revelation House, the book aims to provide practical solutions to common problems faced by PR practitioners.

The author has provided comprehensive answers to myriad questions including what constitutes PR, how a PR practitioner interacts with the media and how one can communicate effectively. Public Relations requires a lot from its practitioners – be it communication, knowledge, skill, writing ability, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence etc. Through this book, Vikram intends to bring up all these essential ingredients and discuss them in detail.

Author, Vikram Kharvi says, “This book will provide the practicing PR professionals with tips and tricks of the trade and for the students of public relations across all levels it is aimed…

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PR in India – Top 100 Case studies of 2014


Dear Friends

Glad to inform you that I have started working on my second book – “PR in India – Top 100 case studies of 2014”, which will be a collection of top 100 case studies on some of the best work done by consultancies and corporate across India.

The book will be released in January 2015 and the deadline to send the casestudies is now extended to 30th November 2014. Request you to share as many case studies from various verticals, including Public Affairs, Crisis Communications etc. Every case submitted should have either started in the year 2014 or should have been implemented in this current year.

The format of the casestudies should ideally follow the sequence given below:

  • Objectives the of the PR Campaign
  • Challenges if any
  • Strategy Planned
  • Tactical Execution details
  • Results in terms of visibility as well as business impact/ROI etc.
  • Testimony from the client in…

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What does it take to be a Disruptive PR Practitioner?


disruptive-innovationIs your answer Super Intelligence? But I have seen in my entire career that people who I have come across as very intelligent have not achieved much in their lives. Probably they spend a lot of time convincing people about their intelligence rather than implementing their knowledge in something productive. So don’t you think intelligence is overrated?

Is it media relations? I have known people who have got excellent media relations but can’t think of a story that can be efficiently sold to a journalist who is not known to them. And how many times does a known journalist will oblige and keep doing favors after favor just because you are a great friend. Again I have seen such people always doing media relations at an operational level for their entire lives. Is it worth?

Is it the art of writing? I don’t subscribe even to this, because I have…

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Adfactors PR to host ‘Social Intelligence for Business Success’ conference


Global experts in social media analytics to deliberate on future global trends

social intelligenceIn a first for the Indian public relations industry, Adfactors PR will host a seminar on Social Intelligence, featuring experts such as Thomas Stoeckle of WCG, Sam Flemming of Kantar Media CIC, and Arvind Gupta of Bharatiya Janata Party on September 5, 2014, in Mumbai.

This conference – titled, ‘Social Intelligence for Business Success: A case of three cultures’ – is designed to bring together experts in the communication domain from three cultures – Europe, China and India – to discuss how businesses can leverage analytics and social media more effectively towards increased competitiveness.

Social Intelligence (SI) as a business tool assumes significance in India as a staggering 106 million educated and English-speaking Netizens in this country access social media platforms everyday to share posts and/or to voice their opinion on various issues. Marketers find employing SI useful…

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Masterstroke Interview with Jaideep Shergill, CEO of MSL Group India


jaideep shergill mslgroupThere is a decisive shift towards strong, insights-based integrated communications. Digital continues to be on fire, but the demand for services such as public affairs, crisis communications, content, brand-related research and corporate social responsibility is picking up significantly, says Jaideep Shergill, CEO of MSL Group India in an interview with Vikypedia.in, read on to know more on what’s shaping the communications business and what makes MSL India, a leading communications consultancy firm.  

With first quarter of 2014 coming to an end, how do you foresee the next 3 quarters?

The first quarter of 2014 was a significant improvement over the previous quarter. It must also be kept in perspective that the general elections were coming up and many corporations were waiting for the results before taking investment and communication decisions. Now that the elections are over, I foresee much more activity on the communications – and overall business –…

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Convergence of PR and SoLoMo (Social, Mobile and Local)


The world of Public Relations is ever evolving and requires professionals to keep a tab on technological innovations that can ease their work or impact the way we communicate to the stakeholders across the strata. As we know, increasing number of people are consuming information on their smart phones thanks to the increased penetration and easily available mobile phones. People are interested in sharing local experiences on their social networks and thus SoLoMo is becoming an important tool that PR professionals should consider. And as mobile users increasingly access the internet for local information, search engines are now optimized for mobile phones as well. PR professionals should take cues from this trend and customize their campaigns for multi-channels and multi-platforms.


To bring it down, PR professionals will need to create customized and different types of content that can be shared across all media platforms such as web, mobile, tablet and…

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Developing a robust and an executable PR Plan


PlanningIt is the beginning of another quarter and time for PR professionals to assess the performance of the last quarter and set the goals to plan for the forthcoming one. Before you start working on the communications plan, it is important that you have a discussion with key people from the client’s office to understand their business objectives for the upcoming quarter. Apart from meeting the Corporate Communications Head try to meet the CEO of the company to get a holistic perspective. If possible also meet the HR head, business division heads to gauge their priorities and align the communications plan to it.

Quarter plans should be based on thorough research and aligned to the company’s objectives for the quarter and most importantly it should not be focused on media relations alone. Below is a primer on building a robust and executable communications plan:

  1. Research & Know: Research, research…

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The Silo Warrior


No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…

– John Donne 

siloRamesh, recently got promoted from a Sr. Account Executive’s position to lead a team as an Account Manager. The only reason Ramesh got promoted much earlier than his peers was his performance. He was excellent at almost everything he did; making thoughtful plans to executing it effortlessly had become his forte. Seeing his performance and his ambition his superiors thought he should manage a team, so that he can develop few more similar high performers.

But then suddenly everything started changing, while he was good at his own work, he was unable to get the same performance from his team, he started getting frustrated, angry and tried to do most of the stuff on his own. On one hand, his team members could not learn…

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Best Practices on PR for Start-Ups


Start-Up PR Pitching for start-ups who want to launch their cool innovative gadgets or services that no has imagined yet? You want to be the maker of next Infosys or Apple? But guess what there are over thousands of start-ups trying their luck every year, out of them over 20% want all the magic that PR can do for them and yes you have one for the show. The media is not naïve either; even they are being bombarded with the suave elevator pitches on how the client’s products are superior blah blah blah…but you have to do your job. You have to position the start-up as the next big thing in the target market and you are all geared to jump and kick the start the campaign. Here are few globally accepted best practices that can guide your way.

  1. Understand the objective from PR: When engaging with a start-up company understanding…

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Who are you? What’s your identity?


who are youThe answer to this question may seem to be very simple on the face of it but when you actually think deep within and ask yourself this question, you may not be able to come up with an instant answer. We being in the profession of image management or identity management, understanding our own identity before we mould others’ becomes very important. You may identify yourself as a PR executive or some may like themselves to be known  as reputation management consultants or you may identify yourself as a corporate communications head of ABC organization etc. But that may just be your designation or your work profile but a question about one’s identity stumps the vast majority.

According to the Marshall Goldsmith, author of bestselling book – ‘What got you here won’t get you there’, says, “identity is a complicated subject, and we make it even more complicated when we’re…

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