Are Marketing and PR departments in sync?

Yesterday I received a call from a marketing manager from Eros. The
guy pitched that Eros is largest production-distribution house, blah-
blaaaah, anyway coming to the point he said that he wants to provide
us with wallpapers, posters, behind the scenes, synopsis, etc of all
the upcoming movies that the production house is associated with. Soon
coming to the point he said that in return he wants a banner to be put
up on our website in return.

I find it really weird, first of all the so called very exclusive
content is anyway available to us (and thousands of others) through
plethora of channels, besides it is this content only that PR people
so desperately try to push to us, rather in my opinion a good PR is
someone who provides access to such content to media as smoothly as

My question – Don’t you (PR) guys teach these marketers? Aren’t they
somehow making your job difficult, and in return making the
organization look stupid, where one guy is working day and night to
push that content to as many people as possible and another guy is
trying to sell the same thing!


Ayush Agrawal
Founder, FilmiTadka