Listen . Deliberate . Deliver, IPRF’s First PR Strategy Workshop

Listen . Deliberate . Deliver

IPRF’s First PR Strategy Workshop

Very happy and delighted to inform you all that Indian PR Forum (IPRF) conducted it’s first ever PR Strategy workshop in Mumbai on 26th September, 2013 at Mumbai Press Club. The workshop primarily driven by Blue Bytes team was organized with a theme “Listen-Deliberate-Deliver.” The thought behind this strategy workshop was to bring together enthusiastic and eager to learn, PR Professionals on one platform (from both agency and corporate side) and make them work as a team to deliver a PR strategy after thorough brainstorming on the given cases on real life examples.

20130926_193010 20130926_193023 20130926_193031There were 4 teams each comprising of corporate communications professionals and agency consultants, who were given cases on the spot, based ongoing scenarios and were asked to brainstorm among themselves and come-up with an appropriate strategy to either resolve a crisis situation or to change an existing image or to strategize on a product/services launch or to promote a social cause. Finally every team had to present their communications strategy to the panel of judges, who not grilled the participants on the strategies suggested but also questioned some tactics as well as advised on how they could have been better.

In the end, one team, which met all the set parameters, such as Idea, Delivery, Research and team work, was adjudged as the winning team by the jury comprising of Aarif Mallik (Metigon- COO), Ashraf Engineer (VP- Research & Insights) and Sharad Goel (Reliance Capital).

The teams were given only 45 minutes to come up with a presentation, based on

  • SWOT
  • Communication objective
  • Key message
  • Media Planning
  • Measurement of success

Overall it was great fun learning session for all participants, jury members as well for the organizers. We plan to host such small interactive, learning oriented workshops more often, support from all forum members to organize in their own cities and agencies will be welcome.


Events Calendar

I would like to take the initiative to create a daily diary called ‘EVENTS
TODAY’.Everyone on this forum will email me the day, date,time, venue of
their press conference daily or whenever they know.Every night I will
collate the same and send an email to the forum segregating them under say
lifestyle, film, corporate…and send them to you so its in your inbox as
you start your day.This will be of huge help to make suggestions to our
clients about dates to avoid overlapping and maximizing media attendance.

Given the confidentiality factor, you need not mention any names of guests
on the panel or names of celebs involved.So long as the information remains
clear to avoid clash with a similar event, it should suffice.

Game? Add on to the idea please to make it more useful.

Best Regards

Lily Ahluwalia