Masterstroke Interview with Jaideep Shergill, CEO of MSL Group India

jaideep shergill mslgroupThere is a decisive shift towards strong, insights-based integrated communications. Digital continues to be on fire, but the demand for services such as public affairs, crisis communications, content, brand-related research and corporate social responsibility is picking up significantly, says Jaideep Shergill, CEO of MSL Group India in an interview with, read on to know more on what’s shaping the communications business and what makes MSL India, a leading communications consultancy firm.  

With first quarter of 2014 coming to an end, how do you foresee the next 3 quarters?

The first quarter of 2014 was a significant improvement over the previous quarter. It must also be kept in perspective that the general elections were coming up and many corporations were waiting for the results before taking investment and communication decisions. Now that the elections are over, I foresee much more activity on the communications – and overall business –…

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Convergence of PR and SoLoMo (Social, Mobile and Local)

The world of Public Relations is ever evolving and requires professionals to keep a tab on technological innovations that can ease their work or impact the way we communicate to the stakeholders across the strata. As we know, increasing number of people are consuming information on their smart phones thanks to the increased penetration and easily available mobile phones. People are interested in sharing local experiences on their social networks and thus SoLoMo is becoming an important tool that PR professionals should consider. And as mobile users increasingly access the internet for local information, search engines are now optimized for mobile phones as well. PR professionals should take cues from this trend and customize their campaigns for multi-channels and multi-platforms.


To bring it down, PR professionals will need to create customized and different types of content that can be shared across all media platforms such as web, mobile, tablet and…

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Developing a robust and an executable PR Plan

PlanningIt is the beginning of another quarter and time for PR professionals to assess the performance of the last quarter and set the goals to plan for the forthcoming one. Before you start working on the communications plan, it is important that you have a discussion with key people from the client’s office to understand their business objectives for the upcoming quarter. Apart from meeting the Corporate Communications Head try to meet the CEO of the company to get a holistic perspective. If possible also meet the HR head, business division heads to gauge their priorities and align the communications plan to it.

Quarter plans should be based on thorough research and aligned to the company’s objectives for the quarter and most importantly it should not be focused on media relations alone. Below is a primer on building a robust and executable communications plan:

  1. Research & Know: Research, research…

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