Discussion on ‘Attitude’ – Sum up + Solution

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Discussion on ‘attitude’

Few days back, I wrote an article  on “Attitude is the stumbling block for PR professionals’ in prpoint and Indian PR Forum groups, in support of the discussion generated by Vikram Kharvi, Moderator of Indian PR Forum.  My article is available in the following link.
This generated a lot of response from the members in both prpoint and Indian PR Forum groups.  Many members, including the new gen professionals, agreed with me on the attitudinal challenges.  Some of them brought out nicely the reasons behind such situation.  It was an interesting and useful discussion.
Sum-up of the views
This ‘attitude’ discussion generated a lot of interest among all the members.  Many of them were following closely the responses  in both the groups.  Some of the senior level and junior level professionals contacted me over phone and also over mail personally to share their views.  They also brought some insight on this.
From all the discussions in the group and private conversations, I could sum up the feedback as follows:
1.  New gen professionals are yet to understand the seriousness and  importance of the need for updating the knowledge, in the growing competition.
2.  When the juniors approach the seniors for some guidance, the seniors do not give them adequate attention and knowledge support.  Since the so called ‘seniors’ are also youngsters, they too lack knowledge and they do not take initiative to update their own knowledge.
3.  At the entry level, new professionals join the industry, straight from the college.  The need of the profession and the academic input do not match.  The young people are put straight to the job to handle the customers.  Even the enthusiastic youngsters get demotivated.  They suggest some refresher training programme on fundamentals like writing of press releases, media relations, handling of customers are to be given.
4.  There are not much opportunities available for interaction with industry seniors.
5.  Industry PR bodies are not taking adequate initiative to focus on the micro level knowledge improvement.  They focus only on Annual Conferences which involve cock-tail and awards.  They are not functioning like international bodies like PRSA, CIPR, IABC.
A light at the end of the  tunnel
Last month, I was invited by Mr Madan, Mg. Director of Adfactors PR to visit his new facilities at Mumbai and to address his colleagues.  Adfactors PR have now moved to a huge and spacious new hi-tech facilities.  At that time, Mr Madan came out that his new  Conference hall (Lower Parel West in Mumbai) could be used by the industry professionals for meetings and seminars.   I had the great honour of being the first person to deliver a talk to the professionals in that hall.
After this ‘attitude’ discussion, I once again talked to Mr Madan to re-confirm whether he could offer his well equipped Conference hall for the industry professionals.  He confirmed this and asked me to announce also.
This Conference hall can accommodate around 70 persons.  I also called up now Mr Vikram Kharvi, whether he could take up the initiative at Mumbai to organise interaction sessions every month or every fortnight at a convenient time.
Many talented and experienced professionals are available in Mumbai.  Mr Vikram Kharvi can be supported by three or four members.  They can plan interaction sessions with experts.  All the communication professionals can participate.  MrVikram can coordinate with Mr Madan’s office for booking the conference hall.
Volunteers invited
If 3 or 4 members support and take up the responsibility, then we can start the journey hunting for knowledge.  Those who are interested to be the part of this organising team can kindly contact Mr Vikram Kharvi over mobile 9930143550.
There is no expenditure involved.  Since many members felt that opportunities are not available, we thought of finding a solution, so that the members can get the benefit at no cost.
Probably this will be the first new joint initiative by two major online groups prpoint group and Indian PR Forum Group to synergise the positive energy.   From Chennai, I will extend my remote support to this initiative.
If some other Corporates or Agencies offer similar venue support in other centres, we can start a similar initiative in other centres too.
Let us make a good beginning and review after 3 or 4 months.

Indian PR Agency Ready Reckoner

Dear All,

Indian PR Forum, India’s largest forum for PR professional has taken lead to create a ready reckoner of Indian PR agencies functioning in India. This initiative will make the client’s job easier to identify the agency of their choice and generate RFPs for all agencies across India. Request you to kindly fill in the details as per the attached format and send it to indianprforum@gmail.com (Format can also be downloaded from this link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EGUzmt6pJEWhRA_xGcHrQI1-o48KOuw7iAyQkzj5bMQ/edit). Forms can be filled in by all agencies and freelancers practicing across India.

We will host this ready reckoner on our Blogs: www.indianprforum.wordpress.com / www.vikypedia.in /www.indianmarketingmantras.com


Also we will reach out to various international clients planning to foray into India and looking for PR partners.

Indian PR Forum is India’s largest and most active forum of PR professionals across India with over 2500 members on the Google Groups platform and over 2300 on the LinkedIn Groups.

We will update this information every 6 months in the month of July and January every year. This info will also form basis for future information sharing, interview and news updates for our soon be launched newsletter– PR Next.

Download Form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EGUzmt6pJEWhRA_xGcHrQI1-o48KOuw7iAyQkzj5bMQ/edit

Indian PR Agency Tracker.docx
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Vikram Kharvi pr.vikram@gmail.com
Jun 20 (5 days ago)

to indian-pr-forum
Dear IPRF Members,

Please refer to the email shared yesterday on creating a ready reckoner for our PR sector, which will give details of all the agencies and freelancers operating in India. This will be hosted on all our web properties and can be a handy guide for clients based in Indian and abroad for sending out RFPs. This will be a good source of information for all if the drive of collecting data is successful.
Please forward to the responsible persons in the agency and ask them to send us the filled form atindianprforum@gmail.com
Each one’s help in making this initiative will be highly appreciated.
Best Regards,

Best Regards,

Vikram Kharvi
Reputation Management Consultant

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The Dark side of the ‘Numbers Game’ in PR- —— Have you ever been there!?

Hi All,
As a part of my daily routine,of my highly stressed and  PRish life of dealing with clients and media,  I dedicate a few minutes  of everyday to read about people, media-oriented news, articles that will help me to enhance my client servicing skills, while at the same time mold me into a PR consultant of the “future”.
I read blogs by digital experts, media gurus, journalist friends, client-authored blogs, etc. During one such reading session, I came across one of the most beautiful yet “difficult-to answer” question raised by a PR expert. The fact that, I have known this expert for quite some time on a personal and professional front, was  one of the reasons, I went on to the blog… but the reason why I stayed and read the entire blog post—– the question that hounds most of the PR community, especially the newbies….
The answer is that- It can’t be measured…. as PR by definition means “bonds/influential relationships formed over a period of time, to an extent, where people stand by you- No matter what, believe you and  you truly “out-behave” the competition.
No one has answers to this…… This blog attempts to define the “nightmarish experience”, every PR person has to go through….

The Dark side of the ‘Numbers Game’ in PR

Happy reading!
(PR newbie eager to learn the tricks of the trade!)

Technology and the Budding PR Practitioner

I remember sometime back when one of my students was refused a job at a PR agency because she did not possess a Blackberry phone. The reason given was, how could she then maintain contacts much needed in the PR profession?

I also noticed the increase of endorsement requests on LinkedIn from current and previous batch students to elaborate on their educational and communication skills.

Thus Blackberry and LinkedIn have become important tools to show that you have arrived as a professional.

Facebook so far seems untouched by prospective employers as otherwise the young budding practitioners would be more alert before posting random status messages and pictures. Or worse be found playing games.

Twitter is still used as a medium to speak out on issues, if you go by the “trending” issues. Again, doesn’t seem to be under the scrutiny list.

YouTube could be used for uploading fun videos by students. Are they checked?

These products of technology have quietly entered our lives and somehow have becomes an extension of ourselves which could be under scrutiny by future employers. How many of these tools or more such tools are being used by employers in India to study prospective employees? Do students need to be trained to use this sites more carefully in the future? What are your thoughts?

source: my blog article http://knowpublicrelations.blogspot.in/2012/06/technology-and-budding-pr-pracitioner.html#