Indian PR Agency Ready Reckoner

Dear All,

Indian PR Forum, India’s largest forum for PR professional has taken lead to create a ready reckoner of Indian PR agencies functioning in India. This initiative will make the client’s job easier to identify the agency of their choice and generate RFPs for all agencies across India. Request you to kindly fill in the details as per the attached format and send it to (Format can also be downloaded from this link Forms can be filled in by all agencies and freelancers practicing across India.

We will host this ready reckoner on our Blogs: / /


Also we will reach out to various international clients planning to foray into India and looking for PR partners.

Indian PR Forum is India’s largest and most active forum of PR professionals across India with over 2500 members on the Google Groups platform and over 2300 on the LinkedIn Groups.

We will update this information every 6 months in the month of July and January every year. This info will also form basis for future information sharing, interview and news updates for our soon be launched newsletter– PR Next.

Download Form:

Indian PR Agency Tracker.docx
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Vikram Kharvi
Jun 20 (5 days ago)

to indian-pr-forum
Dear IPRF Members,

Please refer to the email shared yesterday on creating a ready reckoner for our PR sector, which will give details of all the agencies and freelancers operating in India. This will be hosted on all our web properties and can be a handy guide for clients based in Indian and abroad for sending out RFPs. This will be a good source of information for all if the drive of collecting data is successful.
Please forward to the responsible persons in the agency and ask them to send us the filled form
Each one’s help in making this initiative will be highly appreciated.
Best Regards,

Best Regards,

Vikram Kharvi
Reputation Management Consultant

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