About Indian PR Forum

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Indian PR Forum

Indian PR Forum is an online community of PR Professionals in India (& beyond!). We aim to be one of the most active groups in the PR domain. Indian PR Forum was started by Vikram Kharvi, an experienced PR professional with over a decade of experience in the media related businesses. The forum is being started with a noble intention of bringing all PR and Corporate Communications / Marketing professionals together under one platform. This blog is simply the extension of a highly active discussion forum live on Google Groups – indian-pr-forum@googlegroups.com. Do visit us and join the discussion.

In order to make the group more professional, we request you to please spread the word and introduce as many members to the group. We also invite interested professionals to act as a Moderator of the group, as we believe that by allowing more Moderators we can have more balanced views.

We shall be adding more enhanced features including “Job Postings”, a “Training Calendar”, where in we will list training programmes / workshops etc …

To join Indian PR Forum, please forward your e-mail id to “indian-pr-forum@googlegroups.com

Our vision:

To be the best-in-class and one of the finest online communities for communications professionals in India and beyond!

Our Mission:

To create a platform for all Public Relations professionals from various agencies, corporate communications professionals from various industries and verticals to network, interact, share best practices, discuss and debate issues and concerns regarding Learning, Training & Development.

Thank you for your time and attention, we look forward for your support and participation.


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