The Biggest Challenge of Indian PR Industry

talent-shortage-web-large Indian PR firms are facing a new challenge currently, no it’s not downturn, it’s not about business growth or clients but it is about finding the right talent. Almost every PR agency bosses or HR managers are cribbing about the dearth of intelligent, sound talent, specifically at the entry or AE/SAE level. It is not about education, HR managers daily interview passouts from mass communications colleges, MBA graduates, engineering graduates and even English literature graduates. The problem according to them is the attitude of the new generation. They are smart but lack vision or zeal to grow. Their agenda is very temporary and are not clear about what they want to do in life. They don’t like reading what is relevant to their careers; forget reading PR related books, blogs or journals. In newspapers page 3 or sports is what they start with.

But that’s the new age reality, that’s…

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