Writing skills — How important is it for PR practitioners in India?


Emanating from a recent debate on this forum, I have a question for the

Considering that English is not our primary language (at least for most of
us), how important is written communication skills in a PR career? To what
extent can we do without written English skills?

Personally, I’ve seen terrific speakers of English being equally terrible in
writing, and vice versa.

So share your views and experiences, but more importantly, give inputs on
how the situation can be improved.


Aarif Malik


2 comments on “Writing skills — How important is it for PR practitioners in India?

  1. Work-Worship??

    Dear Aarif,

    Good you raised this issue. When the world is coming to India due to the English language..the IT companies & BPO’s of the world have added tons of
    wealth to the nation, in our industry, the option is to try regional public relations.

    No pun intended. Regional PR in time will be as a strong force as mainstream PR agenices. If the last IRS R2 findings are any indicators, regional media
    is fast outstripping the growth of the mainstream English national media, and soon you can have pr agencies that specialize in regional PR..So we do
    have a career for people for whom English aint there strength.

    Coming back to your question although this is an open forum let’s not forget there are many members who are silent readers, some are decision makers… forming opinions and beliefs basis how we communicate.

    By being sensitive we have the opportunity to add to our own brand value. Be seen as a serious professional engaged in this business is important.

  2. Hey Aarif,

    We all know that our first language is Hindi, which we call it our mother tongue. however corporates appreciate infact only want English to be spoken because it is a universal language. u be it in any country and u r expected to know only english and your work is done. I am saying that i am not proud of our country’s language but we need to understand what situation demands and change ourselves accordingly.

    You go to any interview and everyone is speaking in English so for that your communication skills have to be sharp, unless you are trying for some revolution and work on changing the scenario. On daily basis we need to write press release/articles or concept notes for our clients and that too in English. We have Hindi translators but seldom we have english translators. Therefore writing skills should also be excellent.

    Nowadays its important to be competitive and work on the areas where we lack certain skills. To improve our communication, be it written or spoken we must inculcate reading habit. Trust me reading newspaper/books/fiction or anything on regular basis really helps to improve. What you read, keep in mind and try searching for new words.

    Take up any social issue or any topic for which you strongly feel for and write something on that topic atleast a page long. try to insert the words and language that you read.

    Make it a daily routine and you will surely succeed.

    Being good at your communication is the key for a successful career especially in PR as we are communication consultants.


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