How can PR professionals engage with the Influencers?


Increasing number of brands are reaching out to the thought leaders and third-party experts that influence buying behavior in their respective industries. Recent studies indicate that most of the media is expected to act like the B2B buyers. 50%-70% of the buying decision is made before the B2B buyer speaks to a sales representative. The buyers have done a thorough research on the product by checking with the domain experts, checking for people’s views and reviews on social networks and more.

Public Relations is about ‘Influencing the Influencer’ but somehow the industry has been limiting itself to media relations. Influencers can greatly impact the PR program: they have high credibility, are authoritative and are trustworthy among the community. Thus the traditional approach to PR will have to be redesigned to understand the key influencers for the brand, develop strategies to build relationships with the unbiased third-party experts.

To start with one needs to go through a comprehensive…

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