PR professionals should be armed with Mantras, Tantras & Yantras to get a place in the boardroom

12In Hindu mythology, there is a renowned folk tale about King Kausik also known as Visvamitra of the lunar dynasty, he possessed extra ordinary qualities and ruled the kingdom well. One of the interesting incidents which caught my attention was the king’s tour of his kingdom with a large army. He was passing a forest when he came across the hermitage of Sage Vaisistha, the sage offered him a grand reception and requested him to be his guest. The king declined as the sage would not have been able to feed the large army. Sage told the king not to worry and informed him that the Sage had wish fulfilling cow (kamadehnu) sabala. The Sage called out to the divine cow Kamadehnu, who was born during churning of the ocean and was presented to Sage Vaisitha. Vaisistha told the cow to make an elaborate feast for the king’s army and…

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