The Fine Art of Constructive Criticism

If you overdo it, you make enemies. If you avoid it too much, you become a pushover.

critic-1-1024x1000Often in your work life, you will come across people who either keep criticizing you for every small mistake/s without offering any solution to correct the mistakes or there are people who are at the butt of everyone’s criticism. Also there are chances that you unknowingly/knowingly have developed the knack of criticizing everything that comes your way. There are also situations where you want to criticize someone, it could be your boss or your co-worker but you are too sweet to confront them and suffer eternally.

One of the toughest parts of being an effective manager is communicating criticism, to your higher ups, colleagues or to your subordinates. If you’re too harsh, they’ll react emotionally and won’t hear you. If you’re too vague, they won’t hear the message. The first thing you want…

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