Challenges faced by PR pros – Series – Scenario 3 – Quantum of Coverage VS Quality

This week I would request all members to please share your insights and experiences in dealing with clients with unrealistic expectations. Yes I am sure most of you are thinking that this is not something new and most often we have clients telling us during monthly reviews that the number of hits this month are very low and it should have been about ummm…..may be 100 clips? We often end of up sulking among ourselves that the client is very demanding and has huge expectations from PR. So who sets these expectations – the Corporate Communications Head/Marketing & Sales Head. If the Corporate Communications Head has some PR background he would set achievable targets for PR and also set the expectations internally as well however if the Marketing & Sales Head is the decision maker and has less understanding about PR and its value, the agency should take the efforts of educating the client on ‘How PR works’ and how it can help enhance the company’s image/reputation.

So the point that I would like all of us to throw light on is, does getting quantum of coverage help  enhance company’s brand and visibility or  quality of coverage in the appropriate target media reaching the target audience more helpful?

Would request all PR pros and Corporate Communication professionals to come forward and have an interesting discussion and debate on this topic.

* Discussion Series : Initiated by Richa Seth


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