Challenges faced by PR pros – Series – Scenario 1

Scenario – 1 – Demanding Client – No spokesperson, No new announcements. Expectation: Pan India media mileage.

Ever come across a client who is very enthusiastic about PR but has no spokesperson available for media interviews? And has no new announcements to share but expects an ongoing and extremely active PR campaign across India? So what are the strategies & tactics one can explore to build an ongoing pan India campaign? Listed below are some strategies and tactics that can be used:

  1. Create a quarterly campaign based on client’s objectives, target audience and key markets – Share ideas which can be explored on traditional as well as new media (Read social media/company’s owned online properties).
  2. Content is the key for any communication – One can get cues from industry trend stories featured in not only mainline media but trade magazines, online portals, company newsletter and don’t forget to ask you client for research reports (as most companies subscribe to these reports). Data extracted from these can be used to draft interesting pitch notes for Email interviews, Authored articles, Infographics, Photo features, Stats & Trivia
  3. Case Studies – Success case studies are alwaysa great way of showcasing the company’s worth in the industry. PR pros need to be aware of specific columns across media which feature case studies. Keep a track of business & trade magazines as well online portals for the same.
  4. Research Reports/Whitepapers published by the company : This can be shared exclusively with a select mediawhich reaches the appropriate target audience
  5. Media – Once the content is ready and approved by the client, prepare an exhaustive list of target media across cities and make sure online media as well as regional media is included.

Any more thoughts on PR strategies which can be adopted in the above situation?


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