Is this the beginning of the end of traditional PR and the Rise of Digital Media?

Is this the beginning of the end of traditional PR and the Rise of Digital Media?
I have observed a trend and shared a case study on the following blog  please give your views.

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3 comments on “Is this the beginning of the end of traditional PR and the Rise of Digital Media?

  1. I am a digital media practitioner from Mumbai with my own digital media company PR Jankari which undertake all kind of digital media strategies. I have seen in assignment that digital media does not meet all requirement of a client.

    Traditional PR will go away because of digital media. The heading of the article is catchy . But it is far from reality. People start telling that newspaper will go when TV arrived . But both stayed . Similar thing will happen. Both digital media and traditional media will stay.
    Recently I had been to a leading digital media corporate . Its GM was worried as it was not able to manage required traditional media support to go in the market.

    The scope of traditional PR is changing and many new opportunity will open up. Many believe that a journalist or person with media background makes a a good PRO. But in changing scenario , a technical person will also make a good PRO.

    Traditional PR is a great domain where a lot of opportunity exist.


  2. This debate of social media taking over traditional media has been going over for long and will continue with coming to any major conclusion. While generation Y is more prone to connect to brands digitally than any previous generation before it, print or traditional media isn’t dead, at least not yet.

    Do not make the mistake of comparing the media scenario of India with the rest of the world. Literacy in India is still evolving, which today stands at 74.04 per cent, according to provisional data of the 2011 census. Literacy here only means knowing to sign or write your name or knowledge of reading in any one language, which effectively means that it will still take many years for the entire country to get to the internet and start browsing. And also when one just takes his first step towards literacy, it is the traditional media which comes to his aid and not internet. So the traditional media is here to stay and the importance of language media will continue to grow.

    Take a simple example of a magazine, even Gen Y is still very much connected to this part of the print media as very few of us read magazine content online. Some of this might be explained by how difficult it has proven to be to recreate the print magazine experience online. I’m sure some would suggest that the iPad is slowly changing this trend, but how many of us are carrying such gadgets.

    Also we should remember that brands aren’t solely focused on Generation Y. Most of them are smart enough to cater to both older and younger generations as well, because we’re all consumers… no matter what our age. But I agree brands are definitely paying a lot more attention to what Generation Y is doing than they are to what my parents’ generation is doing… because only one of those groups is the future of consumer spending. Gen Y are the ones who will be the parents and breadwinners for the next 30 years, reading the news, buying new cars, and dong all the shopping.

    In the war between digital and print media (which digital has not yet won, by the way), print should also look at bringing the flexibility it needs to keep up

    While PR professionals can’t control what media outlets publish – whether they are online or traditional media – we can work to “manage the message”. Of course the evolving dynamic affecting our ability to do this is the growing participation of the public in social media and their ability to influence a story.

    Depending on the focus of the news story, PR pros need to monitor both traditional and online media outlets on an ongoing basis, to be proactive and anticipate issues and be prepared to act quickly, yet strategically when the need arises.

    Finally, we are not yet so lucky to bypass the gatekeepers, and if that happens I sure there will be something else, that checks and controls what you want to push. What we need to excel is the pull technique and if we do so then it does not matter which type of media we work with.

    Best Regards,

    Vikram Kharvi
    Reputation Management Consultant
    Mobile: 9930143550 | Email: | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Indian PR Forum

  3. Hi there,

    Public memory is very short About 15-20 years back, whem ‘pager’ was introduced, it was considered a great thing where is it now ? Even fax machines soon will be outdated, as to-day your cell can perform better things Some time in early 70s, Advertising Club had arranged a talk by (Late)shri Reshmi Mayur a
    noted enviormentalist, who had just retd to India after 25 years stay in USA, with a computer’ Just heard that in USA they are going to close down 6000 post offices due lack of decrease in persons availing postal service – but to-day one can renew their pass port in PO in usa

    In his talk, he made a mention that a day is not far off, when one need not go to office to do office work and work from home through computer I felt then ‘inko pagal kutte ne kata hai’ as scores of huge office complex buildings were comming up in Nariman Point But what he said is really true – right now I am in Cary, North caroiline – my son who works for Fidelity Group, on many days works from home, attends to international meetings sitting at home There may be many thousands do the same thing

    when TV news became popular, it was felt that Print media will have a major set back. But due to various factors, (increase in literacy, higher income in rural areas etc) news papers are having more editions. As a matter of fact, last week, a new english daily was launched in Hyderabad

    Therefore, importance of PR and its need to get media coverage will never be outdater with other things – but the sad thing is to-day ‘paid news’ plays a very important role.


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