Are Marketing and PR departments in sync?

Yesterday I received a call from a marketing manager from Eros. The
guy pitched that Eros is largest production-distribution house, blah-
blaaaah, anyway coming to the point he said that he wants to provide
us with wallpapers, posters, behind the scenes, synopsis, etc of all
the upcoming movies that the production house is associated with. Soon
coming to the point he said that in return he wants a banner to be put
up on our website in return.

I find it really weird, first of all the so called very exclusive
content is anyway available to us (and thousands of others) through
plethora of channels, besides it is this content only that PR people
so desperately try to push to us, rather in my opinion a good PR is
someone who provides access to such content to media as smoothly as

My question – Don’t you (PR) guys teach these marketers? Aren’t they
somehow making your job difficult, and in return making the
organization look stupid, where one guy is working day and night to
push that content to as many people as possible and another guy is
trying to sell the same thing!


Ayush Agrawal
Founder, FilmiTadka


2 comments on “Are Marketing and PR departments in sync?

  1. Hi Ayush,

    You do have a point. Its really a recent phenomena (a few years old). Typical point of confusion between marketing and communication functions. Fortunately or unfortunately, today’s market place has several overlaps between marketing and communication functions. The reason? PR agencies are getting more and more involved with overall brand management, and advise clients on several aspects of marketing. Its called the ‘marketing communications’ approach. Several PR agencies are now doing it now. Which is why you’ve already been getting things that he offered you. The poor chap didn’t realise that his PR agency was already giving out those stuff for free.

    In your case, the confusion arose because the marketing person took a unilateral action without consulting his PR agency. If he had, he would’ve known what exactly to offer to you that was not already being offered. I guess that was was his mistake.

    But you can still derive benefits from the offer if you can identify what is it that you aren’t getting from the agency (or corp. comm.) If you do find such a thing, give him a counter offer. I’m sure he’ll accept it if its doable.

    As for teaching the marketing personnel on PR, its what we – the PR guys – do most with literally every client. You’ll be surprised at the number of hours most PR personnel spend in making clients realise what PR can and cannot do.

    But the confusion is temporary. As the marketing communications approach settles down in this country, all parties will become clear on each other’s roles, and confusions will sort themselves out. Just give it some time. But till then, bear with it because you too stand to benefit in long term.


    Aarif Malik
    Mumbai. INDIA.
    Cell: +91 9833934002

  2. Hi there,

    I am a retired( Now 75 plus)PR guy and had put in more than 25 years of experience (not just service) ina public sector bank. In this Bank, I hads to fight with the management to ensure that Marketing/Advt/PR should be under the same GM so that there is co-ordination.

    I give below 2 examples as to how things back fired when there was no cordination.

    Bank was to infroduce a new product (scheme) and though the planning was going on for months, for creating advtg only few days were given. This product needed outsourcing (appointing agents for canvassing). when the advt was ready for release, Marketing dept suddenly realised that there is a need to advertise for appointment of canvassing agents also A suggestion came from GM, to add a line in the already created advt that, those who desire to be part of canvassing agents, should contact Branch Manager I put my foot down , cautioning that such a step would create chaos at Branch level, as the circular of the product on its actual implementation had not reached branches. But none listened to me Advt was released with the base line for appointment of canvassing agents

    As expected, in Kerala when the BMs were surprised to see a big Q outside the branch (who had not seen the asdvt, in the paper that day morning as they were getting the paper inBranch) enquired as to why they were in Q The people thought that BM must have already decided to appoint some one known to him, man handled the BM at many branches – police had to be called.

    Bank released an advt in the SOLUS position of a new product – but the details had not reached branches. Many customers, who saw the advt were surprised from the response from counter staff of bank that they did not know the scheme/product

    Marketing and Advt/PR are 2 wheels of the Development of any company/Institution – which the TOP management should realise and have the organisational set-up planned accordingly.


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