Are media releases dying?

Is media releases dying ? Want your opinion !
Chanchal Jhanwar
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9 comments on “Are media releases dying?

  1. Hi,

    Press releases are currently going through a makeover is what I feel. Increasingly PR consultants are customizing the releases as per the target audience. For example a release meant to target online portals and blogs is being drafted and shared in a digital release form, this increases the probability of the release being read and picked by the journalists and the bloggers. Another recent phenomena I noticed was the packaging of media releases has improved considerably, press releases are being accompanied with links to social media networks of the company along with video clippings of the spokesperson unveiling the announcement or sharing his views on the industry trends and future predictions etc.

    I strongly feel that press releases should be shared with the media only if the announcement is important and worthy of being shared with mass media. There are various other tools which can be used to share information, insights, knowledge and news of a company with the media. For example if an announcement is regarding a niche industry, a select media briefing of the journalists covering that beat will be more beneficial than a mere press release which may get lost in the heap of information bombarded at the media every day.

    Let us discuss the atrocious demands of clients for doing a press release for each and every announcement. It will be interesting if we can share case studies where we have recommended our client to use an alternative tool and its results.

    Best Regards,
    Richa Seth
    PR Consultant
    Mob: 9930143531

  2. I agree with Amit.

    Though also from my experience in recent past, the impact and the coverages of a Press Release has been decreasing with time in Metros, until and unless its some really big announcement.

    The releases still work great in Tier-II & III towns, even at times without any regional relevance or much newsvalue.. And many clients now dont just limit themselves to the major mediahubs in each state for their announcements, but target all or multiple cities in each state even with minor media presence.


  3. Press Releases are and always will be in. Unless its a big announcement where the company doesnt want to comment or its a legal issue or even a big JV press releases become the key for media to understand their company’s official position. But getting your press release the legs to run through the next days exposures, needs a lot of thinking rest it be served as an information note…


  4. Dear Team

    I think Press releases are still a strong tool for communication but what needs to change is the contebt and style of writing……if we can ensure we share relevant and strong content then it serves as a strong motivatior to the jounos to explore a story opportunity

    Reby Abraham

  5. Hi Team,

    I work for a television network and would like to share my experience of written communication with the media.

    When i started out (in these channels) around 3 years ago, my channels were featured in stories on a need be basis. I started issuing write-ups (press releases, media notes, show listings, industry updates, etc.) on a regular basis. Initially the media ignored them. But over a period of time, as I kept the flow going from my end, the channels started occupying mindspace within the media. It reflected in the mediapersons calling for info whenever they were doing any story related to these channels/genre/industry.

    The sms feature is also something I tried out with mixed degree of success. I usually send out sms-es as a reminder to a show that’s airing on my channels. Though it hasn’t always lead to the show being directly written about, however, I’ve found it a useful tool for 1. ice-breaking and 2. creating brand recall within the media.

    finally, I’d like to add that the digital media is a great space to target via these forms of written communication. Often websites carry the article exactly as it is.

    I’d really like to know how can I further fine-tune this strategy.

    Ritam Chakrabarty
    +91 9833294111

  6. Hey Ritam..You are on the right track..Its just that you should engage more with the A&M media which writes on Television space..Maybe you could look at large format associations like industry forums…leading events organised by leading A&M players and place your spokespersons basis the strength of the subjects they would like to discuss..

    Amit Mohile

  7. sorry frens, its going to be a long mail after a loooong time!

    @Chanchal – to answer your question – NO. Media Release is not dying! but then the purpose and the desired outcome of a press release needs a re-visit.

    Why a press release –
    from a company perspective – simple, a medium to reach out to its target audience – media and its readers (the end consumers of company’s product
    from a media perspective – a medium to reach out to news and take it out further to its readers (the TG / end consumers of products and services)
    So till the time its a medium…press releases are here to stay.

    Now, desired outcome of a press release-
    for media – simple – if its ‘newsworthy’ will be out in papers next day for its readers
    for company – NO. Its NOT ALWAYS coverage. We, as an agency or a client, always forget that though we issue a release with a desire to see it printed in papers the next day but the prime focus of a release is to reach out to the right target audience. Not every release is meant for coverage and as communication specialist we must be able to differentiate between the two. Yes, every release is an important attempt to communicate with media who forms an imp part of our TG. So while we should aspire and work toward that every release get printed the next day what we must not forget is to communicate and communicate well.

    I agree with Ritam, Reby and Amit with their views. Press releases are changing, accustomed to the media accordingly. and we must not stop from communicating. My examples would rest my case.

    1) We had a new product – a unique and premium product from a liquor company. We were ‘smart’ in releasing a normal product launch release hoping it would get featured all across because of its uniqueness and premium value. No prize for guessing it fall flat! Our senior guided us to rewrite the release for the lifestyle magazines in a certain manner and this time most of them did carry the product. The moral – Understand what you want to communicate, whom to communicate and the manner they would understand your communication.

    2) One of our client came out with a new product. The release was well carried across publications. After a week or two one of the major FMCG giant diversified its business and ventured into my client’s category. One of the financials provided a decent space to the new venture news. what was different from others was mention about my client and the product in the same news piece. we didn’t know about it till we saw it in paper. But then we had communicated (product launch release) and when the journalist saw merit it was featured appropriately.

    3) last one. Another of my client keeps coming out every now and then with its big or small marketing / promotional initiatives and we do issue a release to that effect but much without any coverage outcome. patience paid and one of the leading trade magazines featured the various initiatives under an umbrella story giving our client a significant square centimeter space in addition to a detailed Q&A of client’s chief executive

    To conclude media release is imp and here to stay. While we should effectively communicate through a press release we, as communication specialists, must understand the purpose and the outcome of our press releases. We must know how and how far should we go after the media fraternity with a particular release.

    Rakesh Kumar Jha
    M : +91-9873904595

  8. Hi Richa,

    You have correctly highlighted the new course press release is taking.
    With the advent of new media and host of multimedia tools available,
    we can do lot more to improve the mundane press releae and make it
    more interesting as well as informative. I recently intrduced a new
    way of creating and dessiminating the press release. It is not only a
    visual treat but loaded with all the information that a journalist
    will probably look for. Please visit the link to have a dekko of the
    modern press release.

    Best Regards,

    Vikram Kharvi

  9. I think as a medium defiantly press releases has got long life to live. But yes what matters is content. I think Press Release writing requires a specialized skills and have seen instances when news papers have carried the word to word release.

    It is very important to understand that press release is not an advertisement of the new service/ product company is launching instead is an informative note about the product/ service supported by such a information that will make news sense.

    For example many a times lot of people while writing a quote for the spokesperson recommend him saying the good words about the company or service being launched. Instead in my opinion spokesperson should talk about the general trend and industry figures it increases the chance of quote being carried and the product and company information is anyways talked about in above paragraphs and company’s profile respectively.

    Gist is content is king and with it the press releases will keep rocking !!

    Chanchal Jhanwar
    Red Hat PR
    +91- 9893604248

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