Dignity in resignation

Of late I have come across some cases of PR professionals kicking the jobs
with the least sense of responsibility, leave aside the basic courtesy of
maintaining communication with their own teams.

We are in the business of communication and our immediate colleagues ought to know about our moves since they look upon to the leaders for guidance.

Then, we also owe it to our clients to inform them of our moves,
particularly when we work in agencies or consultancies.

I would not like to take any names here since it is  not my aim to do

But, my questions to the forum are:
Is it right to quit a PR job in a mighty hurry, without even properly
handing over the charge?
– Does it not cause dent to our image if we indulge in such an  irresponsible behaviour?

I sincerely invite members to share their opinions.

BNK 24×7


One comment on “Dignity in resignation

  1. hey bnk….

    there is no point in debating ethics…it happens in every industry.

    we can cry and beat our heads about the lack of professional committments but you need to learn to let go…because if they have already made up their mind about quitting then there is no point in
    holding them back.

    You negotiate and give them a raise and hold them
    back and make them change their minds then they know that the next time they want a raise they will dangle the same dagger over your head. It is a dangerous cycle. The best way to decide who you need to negotiate with is to have an open exit interview so that you can judge who you need a handover from immedietely and who needs time to wrap up. People who you can sense will add bad vibes to the group and will not give you 100% till the last day need to be removed asap. This is
    best for the reputation of your own company , your clients and peace of mind. More damage is done by disgruntled employees who are looking
    at paying the company back during their notice period. and ours is a small industry where your reputation preceeds you. the reference
    checks will also come to you.

    its all right…like amir khan says…”put your hand on your heart and

    say aaall izz well” :)

    you will find good people and the next time around you will know how to recognise the signs of dissentment before it is too late.

    warm regards

    public relations division

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